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Luxury slipper maker Ruby + Ed was formed in 2002 by husband and wife team Isabel and Neil. Isabel comes from generations of British shoemakers and therefor grew up surrounded by shoes, always holding the ambition to one day own her own footwear company. Neil was a chemistry graduate and shared his wife’s love of shoes leading to the creation of the brand.

With their shared passion for quality footwear and combined business acumen, they have been able to create beautifully designed, handcrafted slippers which are now sold to some of the most premium retailers in the world. Made using specially developed materials to ensure superior quality and durability, each slipper takes over three hours to manufacture.

Produced in limited edition, small batch runs, buying Ruby +Ed slippers means buying exclusivity, exceptional design and a little part of history. They now have over 1000 original slipper designs collated from their collections over the years in their archives which they draw on for each new collection.

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